Catalog 2018 Spring



1 x 9 Composition Whirlpool

Framed tapestry on canvas
Warp : Ramie, Gold thread.
Weft : Silk frison, Homemade cotton, Silk cotton, Self gathered Asian royal fern & homemade cotton,
Mother of pearl, Gold thread, Gold leafed brass sticks, Gold leaf 23.44K.
Double-weave, Hand-weave, Hand-spun, Golden foil work.
Framed by TAKANO / ATF

Fibre needs cover to protect its condition. For this framing, 
artist collaborated with TAKANO who is the main framer of The Sumida Hokusai Museum.

In recent years, she has made a transformation from folk art materials to the modern arts 
returning to the original self-cultivated material series -Asian royal fern, Basho fiber, Kudzu fiber etc., 
that continues from her art college days,

All images (C)2018. MIKA YAJIMA ATELIER , JAPAN. All rights reserved.